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    Governor: Beware of Entering Rainy Season


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan appealed to the people of West Java to be more vigilant in the transition season or transition from the dry season to rainy season.

    "As in the dry season anticipate drought, rainy season in anticipation of rain, floods and landslides that caused by the drought itself when the chaos is cracked, when pouring rain hence easy landslide," he said.

    Therefore, according to the Governor, the need for early detection and should continue to be done by all relevant agencies including by the community for further evaluation, and efforts that must be done.

    "People also ask when there is early detection from the government, please obey well to immediately evacuate themselves, do not be delayed until there is distress," said Governor, at Gedung Sate, Monday (02/10).

    The governor also asked, to the public to see any real changes in front of him, such as landslide symptoms to quickly save themselves and not feel heavy to move because of our possessions.

    "When there is early detection, people must immediately save themselves, whatever is cheaper than our lives, save our souls, save our lives, because if there is a lost and lost property, property can be searched," he said. (Parno)

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