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    Provincial Government Seeks Additional Fund Rp 1 Trillion For Tourism Destination Development


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government (West Java Provincial Government) seeks additional funds of Rp1 trillion for the development of one of Geopark Ciletuh tourist destinations.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the development of tourist sites will have a positive impact on the welfare of society because of economic value.

    According to Heryawan, when the West Java provincial government build something will certainly impact the out put of the development. He pointed out, the construction of roads and bridges will certainly have a positive impact on the movement of people and goods including the economy and welfare of the community.

    "When building something that we build will impact and the output of that development.When believing that in the tourism area can have a wide impact then why do not we focus the budget to something more economic value," he told reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (2 / 10/2017)

    "We do not dare to focus the budget of road construction, the bridge impact will facilitate the movement of people and goods including economic and welfare community," added Heryawan

    Kang Aher greeting Governor of West Java added, the development must be balanced, meaning that development should be focused between the making of roads, bridges with tourist sites.

    "Why do not we both dare to focus on why if we go to the brave road of hundreds of billions while for precisely tourism do not dare."

    Including the construction of tourist areas Ciletuh. West Java provincial government this year budgeted about Rp217 billion while last year around Rp195 billion. Therefore, continued Aher, his side seeking additional budget from the Regional Budget Expenditure itself or from the central government.

    "Well, when we make tourism places the impact is the same as making the way why we are not budgeting not as big as the road because we seek its out put.Of course the greater the cost required but we are sure the impact will be greater," he concluded. (MAT)

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