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    September inflation in West Java Reached 0.18%


    BANDUNG-Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) said inflation in September 2017 in West Java (Jabar) reached 0.18%. Inflation is apparently higher than national inflation.

    "National inflation in September 2017 reached 0.13%," said Head of West Java Central Bureau of Statistics Doddy Herlando, Monday (2/10).

    He said inflation in West Java in September was higher because there were several commodities that experienced price increases. For example rice that experienced inflation of 0.09%, then education and tourism rose by 0.04%.

    He said the government's target for inflation this year is in the range of 4 percent plus minus one. If you see inflation year to date or during January to September, for nine months, cumulative inflation reached 2.85%.

    "Hopefully on target, the next three months is a crucial time to control inflation to fit the target," he added.

    To compare, inflation for nine months in 2016 is smaller than this year, at 1.74%. But still much better than the year 2014 and 2013 then.

    "What needs to be paid attention is the price of foodstuff in order to remain stable, although there is a decrease, but there is rice that is inflation," said Doddy. Jo

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