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    Governor: Gedung Sate People's Festival is Attracting Tourists


    BANDUNG-The enthusiasm of people who come from various regions in West Java to see the Gedung Sate Festival Semarak Pesta Rakyat Jawa Barat, in order to anniversary of West Java to-72 is high enough, give a positive side for the world of tourism in West Java.

    The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan expects, Gedung Sate Festival activities can be a magnet tourist visit to Bandung in particular and West Java in general, which every year continues to increase.

    "This event is one of them to attract tourists, we want visitors interested, let alone today coincided with World Tour Day," said Governor, in Gedung Sate Festival Semarak Pesta Rakyat West Java, Saturday (30/09).

    According to the Governor, with Gedung Sate Festival event, West Java provincial government wants to offer and inform the community about the natural beauty of West Java and the beauty of West Java culture and tourism that has uniqueness and advantages over other areas.

    "Keep in mind that many tourists come to Jakarta, for foreign tourists entering West Java is still lost by Bali, but for domestic tourists already a winner, because in 2016 alone domestic visitors reach 58 million people exceed the population of West Java," he said . (Parno)

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