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    Netty: Need Assistance in Watching G30S / PKI


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Center for Integrated Services for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) West Java, Netty Heryawan said the screening of G30S / PKI did not violate the rules as long as adjusted to the age category of the audience so that the parents needed assistance in watching the film.

    Netty claimed since she was sitting in junior high school (SMP) is required to watch the film G30S / PKI. The reason, students must know the history of the nation and can foster the spirit of defending the country and nationalism.

    However, to note the need for assistance from the school both teachers and homeroom by providing an introduction related to the film G30S / PKI.

    "If my personal experience since junior high school to watch the film, Janur Kuning, Lebak membara impressions that must be watched because the school time through the lesson PSPB want to introduce to the students about the history of the nation's journey.Now, in that context there is no problem," he told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (09/30/2017).

    The problem arises, Netty said, when film shows that contain elements of violence watched by children. This applies not to G30S / PKI only but to any category films that contain elements of violence.

    Netty appealed to the Film Censorship Institution not to display scenes containing violent elements.

    "If necessary it is the cooperation with the cinema we supervise first.If it is considered violent must be censored," she said.

    In addition, at the end of the film presentation should be conveyed what wisdom from the movie show.

    "Because for me it is important to instill the spirit of nationalism, defend the country and nationality insight to the younger generation through the film media, Film one of the most interesting message form," she explained.

    Asked about whether the movie G30S / PKI made a new version. Netty explains that KPAI Commissioner or Communications and Informatics Ministry is entitled to make a new version of the film, in case there is material that shows and contains elements of violence.

    "If it can be done and can instill the spirit of defending the country that we should not fall into the same mistake, I think why not.Please just replicated or recycled," she concluded. (MAT)

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