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    Aher Asks West Java Citizen Wary on Terror Bomb


    CIREBON-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) urged West Java citizen constantly wary related to terror bomb attack in Thamrin Jakarta, Thursday (14/01/2016). “If there is suspicious, report it immediately,” he said.

    After accompanying the working visit of President Joko Widodo in Cirebon, Thursday (14/01/16), Aher said, society in West Java should anticipate and do early prevention.

    “It should be watched for those who living in boarding houses or rented, watch out their activities when necessary," said Aher.

    For more anticipation, citizens should be more selective choosing people who come to their environment. “If we saw their suspicious movements then we should immediately report to the security officer," he said.

    Aher said it similar to the terror happened in Bandung a few weeks ago, but the police succeed managing to anticipate so there was no casualties in the incident. Even the police also succeed arrested the suspected terrorists.

    Aher hoped that similar incidents do not recur everywhere, he also hoped that people will carefully anticipate it.

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