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    Telkomsel Introduces QR Code Scan Feature


    BANDUNG-In the event of the annual exhibition of BANDUNG ICT EXPO & ANJA 2017 held as the anniversary of Telkom University Bandung and also part of the commemoration of the 72nd Anniversary of Bhakti Postel this year, Telkomsel again took part as one of the consistent supporters of the event continues to feature leading-edge products and services with digital-based technology.

    During the event which was held from 27 to 29 September 2017, besides being a guest speaker in several seminar sessions held by the committee, Telkomsel also held an exhibition booth featuring a number of latest services based on leading digital technology. One of them is by introducing TCASH's latest mobile financial service transcation service feature, which is now accessible using QR Code scan technology.

    Vice President Sales & Marketing Area Jabotabek Jabar Telkomsel, Agus Mulyadi said the latest features are also deliberately introduced to match the theme of BANDUNG ICT EXPO & ANJA this year, namely "Improving Economic Connectivity Through Digital Technology To Improve Competitiveness of Nation".

    "One of the newest service technologies introduced is the non-cash transaction feature using QR Code scan feature that will increase the ease of transacting customers using TCASH's mobile financial service Telkomsel service," he told reporters in Bandung on Friday (29/9/2017).

    So far, relying on existing transaction features such as UMB * 800 #, the use of Near Field Communications (NFC) stickers, as well as T-Wallet applications, TCASH services have been used by more than 11 million loyal customers of Telkomsel.

    The QR Code Scan integrates with T-Wallet's application services, which will further enhance TCASH's transaction method choices and also encourage wider customer utilization of smartphones that can strengthen a more mature digital lifestyle ecosystem with the support of a leading-edge network of Telkomsel.

    "With this QR Code scan feature, in the future merchants who already cooperate with Telkomsel using TCASH payment transactions will be facilitated by not having to provide EDC (Electronic Data Capture) device facility which usually must be used for transactions through sticker NFC TCASH Merchant will be assisted for making QR Special Code and simply provide QR Code display that has been registered in Telkomsel for customer TCASH transaction process, "he explained.

    As part of the effort to bring the experience of using the new features, Telkomsel is working with a number of BANDUNG ICT EXPO & ANJA 2017 banners in the provision of QR Code scan feature to facilitate transcation of product purchases using TCASH services by visitors.

    In addition to introducing QC Code scan feature of TCASH transaction, Telkomsel also presents a number of other digital-based products and services, such as mobile games services by holding the competition of Mobile Legend online games application, MyGraPARI vending machine that gives customers ease to independently and upgrade SIM card.

    "As well as I-GRACIAS mobile campus application service which is the result of cooperation with Telkomsel and Telkom University to give comfort to all academic community of Telkom University in accessing information about value and schedule of lecturing," he concluded. (MAT)

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