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    Ngopi Saraosna Booth is Crowded by Visitors


    BANDUNG-Kopi Saraosna is the most visited booth by the public who attended the commemoration event 72 West Java Province held from Friday (29/09) to Saturday (30/09) tomorrow at the Gedung Sate, Bandung City.

    In accordance with the theme "Splendor of the People's Party" those who attended the Anniversary event of the 72nd anniversary of West Java Province can taste a variety of snacks and coffee provided by the committee for free.

    The booth Ngopi Saraosna which right on the left side of the main door of Gedung Sate, since it opened up to now continue to be packed by visitors who want to try coffee from the coffee gardens in some areas of West Java.

    To reporters www.Jabarprov.go.id, a number of visitors admitted, in addition to free they want to try a typical coffee of West Java with the nickname "Coffee Preanger" although must queue long enough.

    In addition to free coffee, in addition to its Saraos coffee stand, visitors can also get a variety of information and history of West Java Coffee, which began in the VOC of 1677 which managed to seize the area of West Priangan and Central Priangan until 2013 where West Java managed to obtain Geographical Indication by name "Java Preanger Arabica Coffee"

    And since 2016 then coffee from West Java has attracted the world's attention in the event Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA), with test results and bidding high auction that got the first rank in Atlanta USA in SCAA. (Parno)

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