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    Anti Hoax Campaign at 72nd Anniversary of West Java


    BANDUNG-West Java Festival Bandung Festival 2017 which is a series of Anniversary of the 72nd anniversary of West Java, used by some communities to educate the public about the news or information that is not necessarily the truth or hoax.

    As with Bandung Anti Hoax, using print media as well as online in social media (Medsos) they try to do creative and experimental campaigns about the use of social media wisely and educate people about hoax.

    Creative Coordinator of Bandung Anti Hoax, Andi Abdulqodir said the target of the anti-hoax campaign by the community is more for school children and adolescents so that the campaign theme is called "Ulah Sok Nyahoax".

    "Sok NyaoHoax is taken from the Indo-Sunda language," Sok Nyaho "+ hoax means" Sok tahu "ex:" Sok Nyaho maneh mah, or Sundanese "Nyayahoan", "said Andi, at West Java Festival Bandung Festival 2017, Friday (20/09).

    Andi hopes, with such a campaign will be lighter so that more easily understood by them and able to pass it to others what is a hoax and losses that can be caused by the hoax information.

    "In addition to campaigns in print and online form, we are going to do anti-hoax campaign through animation and more heading to honesty and positive theme," he said. (Parno)

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