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    Bambang: Government Focused on Public Transportation


    BANDUNG-Development of transportation infrastructure is considered important. Because, in 2045 the population of Jakarta and Bandung is expected to reach 76 million people so there must be ease of connectivity. To that end, the government will focus on working on public transportation.

    Minister of National Development Planning (Bappenas), Bambang Brodjonegoro, said that the congestion problem can only be solved by public transportation not by adding roads or toll roads.

    "With the development of good public transportation, I think the key we focus on urban infrastructure," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (29/09/2017).

    Public transportation said Bambang will be the hallmark of big cities in Indonesia. So it would be a mistake if the mayor built a flyover or a new road.

    "It means that the flyover is number two but the main thing is the development of public transportation," he said.

    Head of Bappenas mentioned that the government supports the development of LRT in Bandung, although it is considered very late in the idea of making it because the city of flower has not had a standard mass transportation.

    "For a city like Bandung, angkot (public transportation) can not solve transportation problems, so it should make the railway line one of them LRT," he said.

    In addition, the transportation sector needs to reactivate railway lines. For rail in the city, continued Bambang already used while for inter-city railway depending on his needs.

    "If it can still be used is still active for trains like the Jakarta-Sukabumi line," he added.

    Asked about the fast train, Bambang claimed not to know in detail the information. Because the project has entered into the realm of the Ministry of SOEs because the companies involved are 'joint venture' from China with several state-owned enterprises.

    "So, frankly I have not really understood, the last thing I know is the status of land in Walini which must be ascertained whether it is made for a high degree of density," he said.

    In addition, what remains a problem is the status of the land at Halim because of its initial status there. In the future will be built LRT project Bekasi route to Jakarta which must be adapted to the fast train so that the mode of transportation in the homeland goes well. Including the construction of LRT in the city of Bandung expected route until Tegal outside.

    "So that's what I know, the rest I still deepen the information," he concluded. (MAT)

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