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    Governor Wants PWRI Inherited the Spirit of Development in Young Generation


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), said that the work to build the nation, is the right as well as the obligation of every citizen. Not to mention the elderly who have retired from his formal work.

    Therefore, the Governor hopes that members of the State Civil Servant (ASN) members of the Wredatama Association of the Republic of Indonesia (PWRI) in particular, to be able to pass on the spirit of working in the next generation, are also in synergy with the government in development.

    "The age factor can not be disrupted, but the productivity of values, the psychics that are able to bring the spirit to the younger generation is priceless.The current ASN, can be inherited from the spirit of the ASN retirees.The young people are great also because of the encouragement of their parents," said Governor Ahmad Heryawan, on the 55th anniversary of PWRI Year 2017, at the West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (29/09/2017).

    Aher also invites PWRI to be ready to face any situation in the present era. With the cohesiveness and togetherness raised by its members, PWRI can also play a role in encouraging the success of government programs.

    "Be careful colonized life, we have to master the times, follow the times well, control the times well, do not let the demands of the era that controls us," said Aher.

    Chairman of PB PWRI Haryono Suyono, said with various activities carried out, PWRI in West Java looks remarkable. This makes PWRI whose members look younger and fitter. Even with the various contributions that have been made, PWRI plays an equal role with youth organizations, in building the nation.

    Suyono also reported to the Governor that PWRI in West Java, according to the direction that has been given by Governor Ahmad Heryawan in the past, has made a cultivation movement of banana cavendis which has high economic value.

    Suyono said that banana cavendis, has been almost planted in West Java, especially in West Bandung regency (KBB). He mentioned that the cultivated banana is now also started to be processed into a cake, as well as some types of snacks.

    "Banana cavendis can flourish in the area of West Java, even some Cabinet Ministers, have reviewed our cultivation of this," said Suyono.

    In the future, PWRI Chairman proposed for the planting of moringa, which according to him, Moringa has the benefit of herbal medicine to cure various diseases.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of West Java PWRI Dani Setiawan, said that in the framework of the anniversary of PWRI this time, will be presented the awards charter and honorary sign of Wredatama Nugraha which was appointed by PWRI Board and given to Regent Subang Imas Aryumningsih, as the coach of PWRI Subang Regency.

    "PWRI West Java Province also gives appreciation to PWRI institution of Regency / City as West Java and West Java Province scope unit for good cooperation between PWRI board and its coaches," he said.

    In addition, Dani also appreciates the Governor of West Java for various achievements both nationally and internationally. And for all the support and facilitation that has been given to PWRI.

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