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    Vice Governor Wants Ikadin Give Legal Insight to Society


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar opened at the National Working Meeting (Rakernas) Indonesian Advocates Association (Ikadin), at Hotel Horison Bandung, Thursday (28/09/2017).

    After the event, Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar said that the jurists in Ikadin are expected to contribute in developing the society's awareness about the legal awareness, especially regarding the rights and obligations of the people within the law itself.

    "Ikadin is a professional association, so there is standardization, as well as competence there, imagine, is it danger if legal issues are discussed without any competence? What the world says," said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar.

    "Therefore, the jurists are expected to contribute in improving public awareness of legal awareness, in addition to awaken the public of rights, and obligations in the eyes of the law, and so on," he continued.

    It is thus the role of the jurists he hopes, not the other way around, that makes the 'illiterate' society victimized, with his knowledge in the field of law.

    However, with its efforts to provide legal knowledge to the community, Ikadin advocates are expected to improve the image of national law, by incorporating empirical foundations to resolve cases in the country.

    In line with that, the Chairman of the Central Executive Board (DPP) of Indonesian Advocates Association (Ikadin) Sutrisno, emphasized to its members to strive to establish a transparent, clean and straightforward law enforcement.

    Sutrisno added, it is emphasized as an effort to improve law enforcement in Indonesia.

    "When law enforcement does not work, there is no justice," Sutrisno said.

    Sutrisno also expressed, that the results of this national meeting, then handed over to President Joko Widodo as a reference in reforming legal issues in Indonesia.

    Sutrisno also said that there are still many legal products of Indonesia's former relics of the Netherlands. So that the need for change because it is not relevant to the development of the current era.

    "Ikadin also supports the KPK's efforts to eradicate legal mafia, including advocates if proven to violate the law such as bribery and illegal levies," he said.

    Nevertheless, Sutrisno advised the advocates, especially Ikadin members, in order to abstain from deviant practices.

    So Sutrisno wanted, the National Working Meeting of Indonesian Advocates Association, can explore Ikadin's role as a locomotive of struggle in realizing a straightforward, modern, and transparent law enforcement system

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