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    Result of Public Information Disclosure is Decreasing, West Java Provincial Government Evaluates It


    BANDUNG-Responding to the results of public information disclosure (KIP) West Java Province which this year declared out of the top 10 national, Provincial Government (Provincial) West Java will conduct various evaluations.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) said, one of which will be evaluated is human resources (HR). He requested significantly that his system should improve.

    "Actually, the ratings do not go down but other provinces are rising significantly, I do not know the rankings but the obvious down, from the top 10 average to be out of the top 10," said Vice Governor West Java in following the "West Java Information Disclosure Appraisal" in the west hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (09/28/2017)

    Amid the decline, but there are some districts / cities remain stable but some are down even some who have not started at all. While the public is entitled to information.

    "There is one area of Bogor Regency that consistently shows good performance and our obligation to provide information to the public," he concluded.

    "This is a ranking of information disclosure to the districts / cities that have been improved there is a better improvement.See here Bogor regency consistent, Depok decreased," said Demiz

    West Java provincial government will certainly evaluate these results by improving the quality of human resources and policies of each local government. Because, for this year the use of the broadcast is done strictly.

    "Of course we are evaluating the performance, whether the human resources or political will of any local government or lack of support for better resources," said Demiz

    Demiz estimates another thing that triggered the decline of KIP ranking of West Java province is the lack of socialization conducted to the community.

    "Perhaps the resources are lacking in power because our budget is very tight and socialization to the community is considered less so it needs to be improved," he concluded. (MAT)

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