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    Second Liquefaction Syndication of Sharia Bank Rp400 Billion For PT BIJB


    BANDUNG -Syndication of sharia banks re-liquefy the project financing of West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka second phase of Rp400 billion.

    President Director of PT Bandarudara Internasional Jawa Barat (BIJB) Virda Dimas Ekaputra said that in the second phase of the disbursement, the syndicated bank Syariah again disburses a loan of Rp400 billion. "The total loan agreed at Rp906 billion, the first disbursement of Rp250 billion, is now increasing again," he said in a corporate release on Thursday (28/09/2017).

    Sharia financing syndication consists of 7 Regional Bank Syariah namely Bank Jateng Syariah as lead syndication, Bank Sumut Syariah, Bank Jambi Syariah, Bank Jabar Syariah, Bank Kalsel Syariah, Bank Kalbar Syariah and Bank Sulselbar Syariah. "For phase 2 disbursement comes from the Central Java Sharia bank, Bank Sumut Syariah, Kalbar Syariah, Jambi Syariah, Kalsel Syariah and Sulselbar Syariah," he said.

    From the first phase of disbursement of Rp 250 billion which has been previously received by PT BIJB has been used for the construction of the land side of BIJB Kertajati. The second liquefaction plan will also be used to continue the construction of the land side. "So the total of Rp 906 billion has been absorbed Rp 650 billion, with the remaining plafond of Rp 256 billion which is planned to be absorbed by the end of 2017," he explained.

    According to him, the financing through Shariah Banking Syndication is to fulfill 30% portion of the loan scheme. While 70% of equity will be met by current shareholders and prospective new shareholders, one of which is through limited equity mutual fund (RDPT) equity. "All for the completion of BIJB development," he said. (HUMAS PT BIJB)

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