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    Information Disclosure is Rights of Every Citizen


    BANDUNG-Disclosure of information is a feature of a democratic country that is a human right of every citizen. Disclosure of information to public agencies can have a positive impact on both parties, both public agencies and communities.

    This was expressed by Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar when giving a speech at the event "Pemeringkatan Penerapan Keterbukaan Informasi Jawa Barat" in West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (28/09/2017)

    For public authorities, said West Java Vice Governor application of information disclosure can encourage service improvements, performance improvement and accountability of various programs run.

    "As for the public disclosure of information useful for the fulfillment of the right to know public information," he explained.

    Demiz greeting West Java Vice Governor mentions public information disclosure also encourage community participation in development means the government can not run its own wheel of development.

    Vice Governor rates, public participation is needed without public information disclosure then the role of society will decrease so that impact on the development process.

    "This is the importance of information disclosure besides giving the right of information to the public as well as being a strategic partner in development such as Jabar Masagi development involving government, academia, media also community known as pentahelix," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Provincial Government (Pemrov) of West Java gave appreciation to the West Java Provincial Information Commission which has organized the Awards "Pemeringkatan Penerapan Keterbukaan Informasi Jawa Barat".

    The event is an appreciation for the regency / city PPID that has given KIP Law well as well as providing evaluation for PPID of Regency / City in West Java to improve and improve the Law of Regency / City KIP respectively.

    "Congratulations to the regency / city that won the award, including Bogor Regency which consistently won awards for 3 times in a row," he concluded. (MAT)

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