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    West Java DPRD Commission IV Monitor the Soroja Toll Road Development


    BANDUNG-West Java DPRD Commission IV conducted a series of working visit to Bandung regency for reviewing the implementation of the construction of Soreang-Pasirkoja (Soroja) Toll Road.

    The monitoring took place on Tuesday (12/1/16) was led by Vice Chairman of the West Java DPRD Commission IV, Daddy Rohanady. Managing Director of PT. Jasa Sarana, Sasongko also attended to this monitoring visit. Sasongko explained about the progress report regarding to the construction of Soroja toll roads.

    He said the currently condition of Soroja toll roads construction has reached 6 percent. While the land acquisition has reached 89.19 percent. His parties received the full support both from the West Java provincial government and Bandung Regional Government.

    Meanwhile, Daddy in the review explained his hopes that the construction of toll roads Soroja completed in August 2016. According to Daddy, if the toll road Soroja completed in August, the access road to the Starling Harupat Stadium can be reached faster with maximum travel time of 60 minutes.

    Daddy said by finishing the construction of Soroja Toll Roads in August 2016, the initial stage can be used to support PON 2016, although the Soroja Toll Roads can not be enabled as a source of government revenue.

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