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    KAI Launches 4th Generation of Rail Clinic


    BANDUNG-PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) launched a train of health called Rail Clinic 4th generation at Kiaracondong Station, Bandung, Thursday (28/9).

    Rail Clinic is a train with first-rate health services, including general examination, teeth, pregnancy, eyes, and pharmaceutical services. Rail Clinic was first inaugurated on December 12, 2015, and at the same time get the MURI record charter as the first health train in Indonesia.

    "Making Rail Clinic is motivated by the spirit of PT KAI to provide more services to the people of Indonesia, especially in the health sector by utilizing railway tracks. So it can penetrate areas that are difficult to pass by motor vehicles, "said Director of KAI, Edi Sukmoro.

    Rail Clinic provides free health services to the community as a form of KAI's concern through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, especially people living close to the station or railway.

    However, the use of Rail Clinic is not limited only to help the community in free health services, but also can be involved to help victims of natural disasters including in an effort to evacuate.

    The 4th generation Rail Clinic consists of four train units / carriages. Two train for health and two train for library called Rail Library. While the Rail Clinic previous generations only consists of two units of the health train alone in each circuit.

    In addition to the health facilities that have been available on the previous generation Rail Clinic, the fourth generation version is equipped with computer-based hematology analyzer sysmex analyzer that serves to measure blood samples so as to help diagnose diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and so on.

    Meanwhile, the presence of Rail Library became a means to increase interest in reading the people so it is expected to contribute in educating the public. Inside the Rail Library there is a library of manuals with various books for the children to general knowledge for adults. In addition to manual books, also available facilities e-library or electronic library of six touch screen monitor with a database of various reading, educational videos, and children's songs.

    Saidah, citizens of Kiaracondong are pleased with the free health check up at the station.

    "Hatur nuhun (thank you) for the train," she said. Jo

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