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    Demiz Requested, Development of IEI Gunung Djati Hospital Immediately Realized


    CIREBON-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said the construction of Integrated Emergency Installation (IGD), Gunung Jati General Hospital (RSUD), located on Kesambi Street no. 56 Kota Cirebon, should be immediately realized.

    The hospitals referred to as Ciayumajakuning (Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka, and Kuningan), even up to Tegal, and Brebes, received assistance from West Java Provincial Government of Rp113 billion for the construction of a five-storey Integrated IGD.

    As for Deddy said this year, new aid slid by Rp30 billion. The funds are divided into two, namely Rp20 billion for development, and Rp10 billion for equipment. While the rest will be disbursed in the next year.

    "This Integrated IGD plan is five storey, there is assistance of the Governor of Rp20 billion this development stage, then for aid equipment Rp10 billion in this year, hopefully absorbed entirely," said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, When reviewing the results of West Java provincial government assistance at Gunung Djati Hospital Cirebon, Wednesday (27/09/2017).

    Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar said, the integrated IGD builder Gunung Jati Hospital urged as a supporter of Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung in serving the people who are in the Eastern West Java region. He was optimistic in accordance with its function to meet the needs of people in West Java, or Ciayumajakuning, after built, this hospital can rise to Class A.

    "Infrastructure in West Java is growing rapidly, there is BIJB, there is Patimban, it is tremendous traffic of people and goods, also changes in lifestyle, then emerging also diseases because lifestyle, heart, diabetes, and so on, it needs to be balanced also health facilities , the time to RSHS all, although there is a toll, but it does not have to be so, "said Deddy.

    Given Gunung Jati General Hospital which is a referral hospital from Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka and Kuningan (Ciayumajakuning) areas, as well as a number of other areas on the border of Central Java, the builders should be as soon as possible, in order to serve the community maximally.

    "This general hospital is a mainstay, so referral for Ciayumajakuning, means it is worthy given special attention to the development of services," he said.

    In addition, Deddy wants the development of Gunung Djati General Hospital as Modern Hospital not to forget the environmental sustainability, while still paying attention to the availability of Green Open Space (RTH).

    Director of Gunung Jati General Hospital, Bunadi, said the assistance from the Provincial Government has existed since 2012, namely the building for poor families who are named Prabu Siliwangi. Then in 2014, the building was raised again to 3-4 floors.

    "This is a referral hospital in eastern West Java. So we will intensively communicate also with various parties, "he concluded.

    The current condition, Gunung Jati Hospital has a Superior Service in the Surgery of the child, urology. The hospital also has an area of 6.4 hectares. While the number of rooms between; VIP: 38 rooms, class I: 66 rooms, class II: 42 rooms, class III: 228 rooms, ICU: 9 rooms, NICU: 6 rooms, HCU: 8 rooms, ICCU: 8 rooms, TT New Baby Born: 18 rooms .

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