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    Kominfo: Star Up Will Create 13 Million New Jobs


    BANDUNG-Presidential Regulation No. 74 of 2017 on Roadmap National Trading System Electronic-based drives the birth of digital-based business players or starup which is predicted to be able to create 13 million new jobs.

    Director General of Post and Information Technology Implementation, Communication and Informatics Ministry, Ahmad M Ramli said the roadmap could identify seven strategic issues that determine the success of digital economic development, such as how to fund leading star up, taxation, consumer degradation, education and human resources, logistics, telecommunication infrastructure.

    These conditions led to a business-based digital startup. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology said the startup could bring about 13 million new jobs.

    "If it succeeds to create 1,000 starup then potentially there will be 13 million new jobs," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (26/09/2017)

    To answer the issue of funding Communication and Informatics Ministry has worked with various parties to form 1,000 start ups aimed at growing 1,000 new technopreneurs who meet the funding qualifications of others.

    In the education and human resources sectors, the government will target 8 million medium, small and micro businesses by 2020.

    He considered SMEs have a strategic role in economic growth. The reason, so far SME also be a supporter of Indonesia's economy so that should be introduced to the digital-based economy.

    "In some aspects the government has launched various programs and some have been implemented," he concluded. (MAT)

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