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    BI Coordination Meeting Generates Important Recommendations For West Java


    BANDUNG-Coordination Meeting of Central Government, Local Government and Bank Indonesia at Intercontinental Hotel Bandung on Wednesday (27/9) agreed on a number of important things that will be realized in the form of consistent and synergic policies.

    For example encouraging the acceleration of infrastructure development in West Java that will support the growth of potential economic sectors. Infrastructure projects that need to be prioritized include road connectivity connecting North-South and East-West areas of West Java including Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan (Cisumdawu) Toll Road, Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi Toll Road (Bocimi), Cileunyi-Garut Toll Road -Tasikmalaya (Cigatas), and the South Coast Route (Pansela), access roads of industrial areas in the northern part of West Java, toll roads from Cipali to Patimban, and the construction of Bandung Intra Urban Toll Road.

    Then the railway double track Bogor-Sukabumi. West Java International Airport - Kertajati as a logistics center. Development of Port Patimban. Construction of Jatigede Dam / Reservoir, Leuwikeris, Kuningan, Karian, and Sindangheula.

    "The availability of raw water for clean water and drinking water through optimizing the utilization of the Citarum river," is also important, said BI Governor Agus Martowardojo.

    Efforts to develop infrastructure and the development of potential economic sectors also require alignment with the Spatial Plan (RTRW), and the enhancement of the proactive role of Regency / City Government to improve infrastructure in the regions. This is done through improving the quality and quantity of district roads, optimizing the utilization of village funds for infrastructure development and village facilities, development and empowerment of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) and other key infrastructure improvements that are the responsibility of the Regional Government.

    Encourage the development of potential economic sectors of the region as a source of new growth tailored to the characteristics of the region. Especially for North West Java, it needs to be focused on highly competitive, labor-intensive, and export-oriented industries (including automotive and transportation equipment, food and beverage industry, electronics and telematics industries, textiles and textile products).

    Meanwhile, the development of potential economic sectors in Southern part of Java focuses on optimizing the processing of highly competitive agricultural products through agriculture-based industries, as well as the development of the tourism sector, including the maritime sector, as a quick wins to increase the economic added value of Southern West Java. Jo

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