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    Secretary of West Java as Speaker of National Seminar of Rastra


    BANDUNG-A number of Bulog representatives from the city and regency in West Java and journalists attended the National Seminar with the theme "Dissecting the Effectiveness of Rice and Prosperous Food Program (BPNT) at Hotel Asrilia Bandung, Tuesday (26/09).

    As speaker in the seminar are the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa, Head of Distribution Division of Bulog, Basirun, Head of West Java Bulog, Abdul Muis and Chairman of West Java Indonesian Economy Association (ISEI), Aldrin Herwani.

    In his presentation, Iwa stated that the distribution of Beras Sejahtera (Rastra) in West Java during the year 2017 can run smoothly and on target according to the plan and the Rastra program that was launched by the government.

    "Rastra distribution in West Java up to now has reached 93% and hopefully until the end of the year can be close to 100%," he said.

    According to Iwa, if in the distribution of the community get poor quality of rice, such as odors and there are many fleas, can be directly exchanged to Bulog as a rastra distributor.

    "The rice which is poor quality, people can report it to the village apparatus to be subsequently replaced with a good Rastra," he said. (Parno)

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