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    Waste Processing Technology Works by Baraya Ecovillage Community


    BOGOR REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar inaugurated the operation of waste processing machine in Bendungan Village, Ciawi Sub-district, Bogor Regency, Monday (25/9/17). This machine is the result of a community-driven Self-Awareness End-of-life program of the Ecovillage Baraya Community Bendungan Village and Usaha Kita Bersama (UKB), Ciawi Sub-district, Bogor Regency.

    Vice Governor also gave the highest appreciation for the work. This waste processing machine is able to process waste from scratch to finally be able to produce materials such as Briquette. This tool only requires fuel in the form of 6 liters of gasoline per day with duration of time every process if trash two hours.

    "It is economically profitable because it does not buy but the cooperation between the community and the equipment is from UKB, for the results, I think it is very profitable," said the Vice Governor after inaugurating the machine.

    The capacity of this machine is able to process waste up to two tons per day. While the resulting briquettes reach 70% of it or about 1.4 tons of Briquette. If 1 kg of briquettes valued at Rp 1,200, so in a day this machine can provide revenue reaching Rp 1.6 to 1.7 million per day.

    "And the most important thing about the machine is zero waste, no garbage piles up every day, and this is the beginning and the end, the garbage comes in - initially there is nothing left of it, and the economic value of briquettes is interesting," said Vice Governor.

    Vice Governor also wants this tool can be replicated by various regions in West Java. This machine can be an effective and efficient waste processing machine model.

    "So it's really economical, but most importantly, it's amazing how it creates how there will not be any waste of every day in every village, it's a remarkable awareness of the cleanliness of the people," concluded Vice Governor.

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