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    Telkomsel Data Traffic Up 118% At Keraton Nusantara Festival


    BANDUNG-During the Festival of Keraton Nusantara 2017 (FKN) in Cirebon, there was a surge of call traffic and SMS that reached more than 171% and data traffic increased by 118% compared to normal days. The increase in traffic occurred at the central point of the event location that is Alun- alun and Kasepuhan Palace Cirebon.

    General Manager of ICT Operation Regional West Java Telkomsel Ardhiono Trilaksono said in the event of Festival Keraton Nusantara, Telkomsel had previously checked and anticipated the traffic spike that will happen.

    During the event, Telkomsel has optimized all BTS locations around, including 11 BTS 4G LTE that have reached the main point of the event such as Keraton Kasepuhan, Kanoman Palace, Kacirebonan Palace, and Sunyaragi Cave.

    Optimization of this network customers will be able to enjoy access to communication, especially Telkomsel broadband services with more leverage, although hundreds of thousands of visitors come at the same time.

    "With the network quality escort on all base stations around the location, people and visitors can still enjoy the communication services conveniently and smoothly, especially to access the internet and social media at the location of the event," said Ardhiono in his official statement in Bandung, Sunday (24 / 9/2017)

    In addition to securing network traffic, Ardhiono said, it also provides support by presenting ease of communication access for FKN 2017 committee in the form of 200 prepaid cards with community-based package, which already includes a data quota facility of 1.1 GB.

    In addition, Telkomsel opens sales outlets to ensure the needs of communication services and customer data can be met. A number of services and products, such as the best call or internet package from Telkomsel, can be found by customers of several outlets in several points of FKN event location.

    "For the region of Cirebon city itself, when 4G LTE service service has served more than 90% population point in Cirebon" said Ardhiono. (MAT)

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