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    Data Usage Can Accelerate Development Process


    BANDUNG-Data released by the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) is considered to accelerate the development process. This was revealed by Head of West Java Province BPS, Dody Herlando after attending the National Statistics Day 2017 at the office of West Java BPS.

    According to Dody, the use of this data can be meaningful on the basis of facts (evidence base), efficient, then so that decisions taken can be rational to fit reality.

    "So that this data can be used to accelerate development in various fields," he told reporters in Bandung, Monday (25/09/2017).

    The commemoration of National Statistics Day 2017 is addressed to all stakeholders who are users and providers of statistical data. Because the statistical system regulated by the Act is not only the responsibility of BPS, but rather the responsibility of all interested parties.

    Meanwhile, this activity aims to provide understanding so that data issued by BPS can be delivered well by the journalists. He hopes the future of this data presentation better.

    "The data is the responsibility of all parties, we want this data well received by the community," said Dody.

    Dody said, in the delivery of data West Java BPS has its own mechanism. However, in other activities there are still many data types that can be used, such as poverty imbalance.

    "Actually, the economy is a factor of production revenues that is reinforced by the presence of outside investors. Well, here the government factor how to roll out basic policies such as subsidies for people who have not been economically lucky with social security scheme.This is also a government's claim as a balancing factor or justice for all, "he said.

    This affects development, in addition to economic achievement but how these results can be channeled through an approach to all stakeholders. Even now it is evolving how women participate in development, how the rural population with the allocation of village funds.

    "It actually proves how the villagers also play a role not only as beneficiaries of development but also to accelerate development, as well as efforts to get Indonesia up and prepare the next generation," he concluded. (MAT)

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