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    Regency of Bandung is General Champion of Cattle Contest Indonesia President Cup


    BANDUNG REGENCY-As one of the regencies / cities in West Java that have potential in the field of sheep breeding, Bandung regency succeeded to become the overall champion in the National Livestock Jamboree in 2017, which is centered at the Earth Camp and Cibubur Park on 22 to 24 September.

    The government through the Ministry of Agriculture and the Office of the Presidential Staff held the event, to give the message that the livestock sub-sector has an important role to fulfill the needs of animal protein.

    This Jamboree theme "Healthy and Intelligent Community with Protein Origin of Livestock", which means that the increasing consumption of animal protein from livestock can be interpreted also as an effort to optimize the domestic market share as well as a symbol of the rise of the populist economy.

    Head of Agriculture Office of Bandung Regency Ir. H. Tisna Umaran., MP explained, from 700 participants and 1,200 sheep are contested, with various categories, sheep from Bandung Regency dominate the champion.

    "From the regency of Bandung we send 92 sheep from the previous selection, because superior dominates several categories, so we are the overall champion," Tisna said when met in his office, Monday (25/9).

    Tisna further said, although the various national contests have been followed by the breeders of Bandung regency, but this moment is the first presidential trophy contest. In essence said Tisna, this contest is expected to further improve the cultivation and technology, whether in terms of food and livestock or on maintenance.

    "So it is more leverage to produce quality lamb, Plasmanutfah actually from Bandung Regency is very good as a seed, you can say sheep sheep garut," he added.

    In addition, he added, in the development of breeders, of course must be established intensive communication between the government, breeders and the business world so that all obstacles can be overcome, even said He, it will facilitate for similar events next year.

    "From the regency government will facilitate for the District level event, planned next year, by making the momentum of the contest either provincial or national level, as a barometer of success of sheep breeding development in Bandung regency," said Tisna.

    Currently, Tisna said, livestock became one of the economic advocates of the people who have their own potential. However, on the other hand still needs to be improved because there are still many who have not met economies of scale.

    "Improvement of livestock business should be comprehensively developed from upstream to downstream, and emphasis on business process so as to have added value and strong competitiveness to increase farmer's income," he said.

    While Head of Livestock Hera Hendrawan describes, The event that has been going on since 22 September 2017 followed by approximately 1,200 farmers and stakeholders, filled with contests and arts agility Garut sheep, kaligesing goat contest, exhibition of livestock by cattle ranchers, local chickens, ducks, rabbit.

    "The superiority of Bandung Regency to become the overall champion is because we dominate the champion Such as 1st and 2nd winner of broiler with weight 93.3 kg and 89.3kg, 1st and 6th winner of the mother queen, and 3rd winner of handsome king candidate with name Rancage, belonging to Mr. Regent H.Dadang M.Naser, "he explained.

    Hera asserted, in addition to the sheep origin of Bandung regency also managed to become champions of 1.2 and 3 class A race competitions (70 kg and above) and champion 3 championship petet male.

    "We hope, in addition to the economic potential, the superiority of these championship sheep should be preserved so that the genetic quality of the championship will still be proliferated in the future," Hera concluded.

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