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    West Java Commits to Continue Improving Land Certification Every Year


    BANDUNG-The number of land in West Java reaches more than 19 million fields. Of this number only 7 million or 30% more certified land area. West Java is the province with the largest number of land parcels. To that end, the West Java Provincial Government will continue to increase the number of certifications each year.
    "This year there are 800 thousand, if this year 800 thousand next year again should increase to 1 million. This means that 1 million (every year) is still 11 years away. So in 2019 it should be even greater target of its certification, "said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar after becoming a Trustee of National Agrarian Day ceremony in 2017 and the launching of Sports Week in the Regional Office of the National Land Agency (BPN) West Java Province, Soekarno-Hatta Street No. 586, the city of Bandung, Monday (25/9/17).
    "Whatever we will support (for land certification program), depending on what is needed by ATR / BPN. I think this (land certification) is a legal certainty besides there are economic benefits that can be utilized by landowners, "he added.
    On this occasion, the Vice Governor also advised the Regency / City Government in West Java, which in fact has land data in the area, in order to assist the work of every ATR / BPN Office. This is to encourage land certification for communities in their respective areas.
    "So that will really avoid unnecessary dispute conflicts. And also people can use their land for the sake of economic empowerment of society which we have to push, so access (society) to financial institution will be more open, "said Vice Governor.
    This year National Agrarian Day theme is "Land Certification and Spatial Planning for People's Welfare." The theme implies that all ranks of the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / National Land Agency (ATR / BPN), Provincial Government, Regency / Municipal Government, stakeholders, and all levels of society can play an active role in the success of various national strategic programs in agrarian / better quality land and spatial planning.
    This is based on economic development, which is one of the drivers of welfare improvement, is still hampered by the inadequate regulation of land issues. According to the Minister of ATR / BPN RI, Sofyan A Djalil, land conflicts and community participation in the modern financial system are constrained by the limited amount of land already registered and certified.
    In addition, the development of national infrastructure is sometimes also hampered by land acquisition problems, as well as spatial plan that has not been able to become a guideline in realizing sustainable development.
    Ministry of ATR / BPN was formed to unify the function of spatial and land, so as to realize sustainable development. This spatial and land integration spirit needs to be imbued comprehensively to the provincial and regency / city levels.
    To that end, the Central Government through the Ministry of ATR / BPN is currently focusing on the Agrarian Reform Program. The aim is to reduce inequality of tenure structure, ownership, land use, community empowerment in the utilization of land assets and the strengthening of community rights over customary land / forest.
    "Agrarian Reform is a continuous process for the certainty and protection of law and justice in the field of land in order to achieve prosperity for all the people of Indonesia," said Sofyan in his speech read by Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar in the National Agrarian Day Ceremony 2017.
    Agrarian Reform is the Government's commitment through the legalization and redistribution of nine million hectares of land comprising 600 thousand hectares of transmigration land, 3.9 million hectares of legal asset land, 400 thousand hectares of former HGU / abandoned / state land and 4.1 million hectare of land release forest area. The program is expected to be completed by 2019, so it takes serious and earnest effort from us together to complete it.
    Until the end of 2016, only about 45% of the total land parcels have been registered throughout Indonesia. The Ministry of ATR / BPN through the Complete Systematic Land Registration Program (PTSL) is determined to complete mapping, registration and certification of land throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia until 2025.
    If in previous years, the target of community land certification through Prona, less than 1 million fields per year, then in 2017 this target is increased to 5 million plots of land, then increased again to 7 million plots of land in 2018 and 2019 upgraded to 9 million Land certificate will be issued.

    In this ceremony, the Vice Governor represents the President of the Republic of Indonesia gives the Satyalancana Karya Satya Award of Honor. The award is given to 73 civil servants who have worked and serve at least 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years in the Ministry of ATR / BPN West Java.

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