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    Netty: Beware of Child Trafficking on Virgin Auction Sites


    BANDUNG-In cyberspace is now a warm conversation about virginity auction service at a site that also provides unregisterred marriage services. Chairwoman of the Center for Integrated Services for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) West Java, Netty Prasetiyani, suspect there is a practice of child trafficking in the service site.

    "We are asking the public to be wary, that this is just a trick of human trafficking, people trafficking in this case children, we ask that the police can investigate thoroughly," Netty said.

    In that order, Netty has also coordinated with Bekasi Police Chief Kombes Pol Hero Henrianto Bachtiar to follow up on the information circulating about nikahsirri.com in his working area.

    If there is a practice of exploitation, then there is a criminal offense. So too, obviously Netty, with unregisterred marriage services. There are strong indications it is part of the practice of prostitution.

    "So this is clearly not only violating the norms of society and religious norms, but also there are allegations of violation of law," he explained.

    From the release of West Java Provincial Government Poverty, Netty also appealed to parents more intensely communicate with children. Children do not get caught up in the persuasion or lure of the abundant results of the practice of selling virginity.

    "So, do not get because of the lure of home, car, money, and a good cell phone and then follow their services, fortify the children, do not get caught," he said.

    Netty hopes that Communication and Informatics Ministry immediately block the site nikahsirri.com and partaiponsel.org. "I am sure Communication and Informatics Ministry will move quickly closing the two sites, do not wait for a victim, just closed," he said.

    P2TP2A also invites the public if there is a victim so do not be afraid to report it to law enforcement. "P2TP2A of West Java will help accompany, advocate, and restore trauma So do not be afraid, please also report it to us," Netty explained. (Even)

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