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    Watch Together G30S / PKI Movie, Demiz: It is Legitimate


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) invites people who want to watch together (nobar) G30S / PKI Movie because to remember the history of the nation.

    "It doesn't matter, so why? What's wrong with the movie ?," he told reporters at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Saturday (23/09/2017)

    But Demiz reminded, The screening of the film should not be watched by minors. Because there are some scenes that contain elements of violence. So it should be reviewed by applying the age of the movie audience.

    "The forbidden is if it has been shown to minors should be reviewed again the view who can not watch the movie at what age," he said.

    In content, the G30S / PKI movie, Demiz said no problem. To that end, he appealed to the Film Censorship Institute to review the age category to watch the film.

    "Well this is the task of Film Censorship Institution, while the content is not a problem, just seen again who can watch," he said.

    As the filmmaker who also had an actor, Demiz judge that the figure of film director Arifin C Noer is a director who has high integrity that can be accountable for his work. In addition, he is also a well-known culturalist.

    Demiz also mentioned, if the film G30S / PKI re-made. For example, by collecting 100 historians to produce the latest version of the film, it will still reap the controversy.

    "If you want to make again please, later also surely can still be disputed again . Say, we invite 100 historians, then its opinion to 101," he said.

    He also suggested to make the latest version of G30S / PKI movie but do not blame the existing film. The reason, the film was made based on the interpretation of Arifin C Noer with the data he had.

    "Watching together is okay, what is important, what age is allowed to watch, do not let the children watch just catch the sadistic scenes," he asserted

    If there were a handful of people refusing to watch it, Demiz asked to ask them the reason for the rejection.

    "Ask them why they refuse? PKI is like that, do not forget history, remember Bung Karno with his Jas Merah," he concluded. (MAT)

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