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    Social Minister Called Nikahsirri.com is Covert Prostitution


    BANDUNG-The emergence of nikahsirri.com site reap controversy. Even Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa considered the presence of the site to be a covert prostitution practice.

    Unregistered marriages, said Khofifah, put women in a very weak position. Women who are married severely, are vulnerable to domestic violence and sexual harassment.

    Khofifah admitted astonished by the presence of these sites. On the home page it is mentioned that the unregistered marriages program can make a poor family get a big enough financial income for venture capital.

    The capital, as written in the site, is considered to create many new entrepreneurs of UMKM, which not only open job vacancies, but also accelerate the national economy.

    "Married is not for profit, especially on the site is written that the unregistered marriages and the auction of virginity is intended to alleviate poverty, marriage to seek peace and serenity," said Khofifah in her official statement received in Bandung, Saturday (23/09/2017)

    Khofifah revealed, prostitution in addition to degrading the dignity of women because sexually exploited will also lead to another series of problems that are also quite complicated. Starting from trafficking, HIV / AIDS venereal disease, divorce, abandoned children, and so on.

    "Instead of making Indonesia prosperous, instead making the life of Indonesian people ravaged," he said.

    Therefore, the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) directly coordinate with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo) to immediately crack down on the owner of the site after hearing the results of Police investigations.

    Khofifah hopes Communications and Information Technology Minister, Rudiantara immediately block sites nikahsirri.com and android applications that can be downloaded for free in the google play store.

    "I invite the community to maintain the character and character of the nation, things like this if not immediately followed up then the moral and character of this nation will be more degraded," he concluded. (MAT)

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