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    There is an Increasing Number of Unemployment Trends


    BANDUNG-Economic Observer from Pasundan University (Unpas) Bandung Acuviarta Kartabi said the number of unemployed potentially rise in the next few years.

    It can be indicated by the continuing decline in investment growth, including in West Java (West Java).

    "Why the economy is slowing down, there is a decrease in investment, which will have an impact on the potential for increased unemployment, so the government should encourage more labor-intensive investments," he explained in Jakarta Media Gathering West Java OJK and a discussion on OJK Strategic Objectives and Policies in the Banking Sector , Friday and Saturday (22-23 / 9).

    He said, in addition to increasing investment, also need an effort to increase the capacity of human resources to fit the needs of the industry today.

    He mentioned at this time the number of unemployed in West Java reached above 8 percent of the total labor force reached 22.6 million people. Ironically the highest number of unemployed turns out to be a graduate of Vocational School level.

    According to him, there is less right with the current Vocational School level curriculum and curriculum, so the graduates are less absorbed, whereas Vocational School is staying as the best school to prepare competent candidates.

    "Well Vocational School is good, but lack of focus, for example Automotive education, not in agriculture such as Tasik, but in Bekasi, or need Vocational School that focus on the port or airport area, well, West Java will have many new port and new airport, HR has to be focused, "he said.

    The data mentioned Acuviarta mentions that about 13.5% of unemployed are vocational graduates, while workers reach 45% of the total workers in West Java. Jo

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