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    CO2 Handling Technology Toward Green Indonesia 2030.


    BANDUNG-Climate change continues to occur all over the world. This is caused by the behavior of people who use greenhouses and it is known as Greenhouse Gas (GHG). For that, CO2 Capture Handling Technology is very good when applied in Indonesia in order to help the government to Indonesia green in 2030.

    Seeing the importance of CO2 Capture Technology in Indonesia, Akamigas Balongan organized a seminar in Cirebon on (20/9) with a speaker from Petronas Technology University (UTP), Dr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar MSc as independent geologist and keynote speaker from the Ministry of Environment.

    In the seminar it is known that carbon in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the gas that has a major contribution in increasing global warming. CO2 is mostly generated from the use of fossil fuels, from motor vehicles to heavy industries such as oil and gas and mining. The increasingly widespread use of fuel and exploitation of crops that are not proportional to the ability of the earth to absorb it leads to increased CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This excessive emission leads to an increase in temperature as well as other derivative effects.

    Efforts are designed to reduce CO2 emissions, from international regulations to technical approaches. The Carbon Capture and Storage Method (CCS) is an effort with a technique approach to capture carbon and store it in a safer form.

    According to Andang Bachtiar, CCS is one of climate change mitigation technologies that has the potential to reduce large-scale CO2 emissions resulting from burning of fossil fuels. This technology is a series of activities that start from capturing CO2 (CO2) sources such as natural gas processing facilities and power plants, then transport them to CO2 storage locations in appropriate geological formations (storage).

    Looking at the prospect is good enough, CCS is expected to be one alternative solution to reduce CO2 emissions. But more than that, it needs cooperation between various parties and stakeholders, especially the government to pay more attention to the problem of gas emission and energy security. In addition to technical efforts, non-engineering efforts such as strengthening and implementation of regulations should be a focus of attention in the earth-saving effort of increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

    In the seminar also revealed that the current requirement of pure CO2 in Indonesia reached 250 tons per day. Only, pure C02 is generated
    still uses raw materials from petroleum, so the selling price of pure CO2 still tends to be expensive.

    CO2 handling using refining technology not only contributes to saving the environment, but in terms of economy has a very high selling power. The final product of the plant is a pure CO2 of food grade standard is needed by various industries. In the food and beverage industry, for example. CO2
    pure used for the manufacture of carbonated beverages, food preservation and fisheries with dry ice, sugar bleaching, cigarette making and much more. This pure CO2 can also be used in manufacturing industries such as welding, bleaching paper, fumigation in the agricultural sector or secondary oil recovery. (vit)

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