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    Mobile Library Improve Reading Interest


    KUNINGAN-Campaign of reading culture that held in schools, which carried out the office of Library and Regional Archives (Perpusda) Kuningan District cooperate with USAID Prioritas can help students to get books. It was initiated by the head team of culture and reading development in SDN 4 Bojong, Kuningan regency, Een Suharnengsih.

    Een said that this mobile library activity is very helpful to increase the reading interest for the students.

    “The presence of mobile library is very helpful to increase our students's reading interest, so they have various alternative of books beside of books in our school,” she said.

    Een hoped the service of mobile library would be implemented to another schools in all the district in Kuningan.

    Meanwhile, coordinator of USAID Prioritas, Ahmad Syaiful Bahri stated that this program is a way to educate students in Kuningan.

    “We also focus on learning of PAKEM method and also the contextual learning for high school students, and also provide material of school based of management,” he said.


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