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    Waste Disposal Company into River is Threatened Criminal


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Implementation of strict sanctions for waste disposal companies will soon be done. Head of Bandung Environment Department (DLH) Asep Kusumah said, some time ago his side had sent warning letters, to 126 companies that produce waste. He asserted, if there are companies that still do not heed the reprimand, it will be threatened with more severe sanctions according to legislation.

    "We have taken some measures, but if there are still companies that do not seriously respond, then according to Law No. 32 of 2009 on environmental protection and management, in Article 100 will be subject to 3 years imprisonment and 3 billion penalty," Asep when confirmed in his office on Friday (22/9).

    Furthermore, Asep explained that in Law 32 of 2009 it is said that any person who violates the quality standard of waste water, emission, or quality standard of disturbance, will be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of 3 years and a maximum fine of 3 billion.

    "So I am sure, for companies that still do not heed the administrative strikes we have handled such as warning letters and previous government coercive letters, there will be higher measures such as imprisonment and penalties," Asep said.

    According to the direction of Regent Bandung said Asep, that all business actors have been granted his right to try legally in Bandung Regency. Henceforth, there must be a strong awareness and integrity of the company, to fulfill its specific obligations in waste management.

    "As stated in environmental documents and business licensing, so as to give concrete contribution to prevent environmental damage including of course Citarum and Cisangkuy river, he explained.

    While related to the handling of direct waste disposal to the Cisangkuy River, Head of Environmental Law Enforcement Section DLH Robi Dewantara explained, it has handled the violation.

    "For Cisangkuy area, we have done patrol and inspect to river and waste water source. The result is already available and we also give some warning and recommendation of the cessation of business activity," said Robi.

    He pointed out that some have been followed up, with 12 government forces imposed, 7 written warnings, 126 perks and 2017 have closed 31 bypass points.

    "As for the polluted river water, we have issued a letter to the industry players to recycle and reduce the discharge of waste water into the river.In addition to industry, domestic waste generated by society as well, we make a program to minimize waste and domestic waste into the river," he explained .

    In the implementation of reprimand, Robi claimed to have recorded one company for the closure, and 6 companies are waiting for the test analyzed raw wastewater quality. "If the results are out, we will immediately take technical steps, especially since 2012 and Cisangkuy River becomes the zone that we prioritize," said Robi.

    He added that DLH will coordinate with Water Resources Management (PSDA) related to Cisangkuy case, and push together to make more wise use of water to raise the carrying capacity, especially in Banjaran, Pameumpeuk and Baleendah Sub-districts.

    "I suggest that the company pay attention to the administative strikes filed by DLH, because written warning letters, circulars on wastewater monitoring warnings and government compulsory letters have been granted." Before criminal, we will make freezing recommendations to revoke business licenses in coordination with DPMPTSP (One Stop Integrated Service Investment Office), "he concluded.

    More concrete technical action in 2017 Robi said that in Cisangkuy Cluster , from 30 companies have done as much as 6 bypass point closed, 3 government coercion, 2 reprimands 1 letter of suspension of activities and 12 warnings.

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