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    Aher: Do not Hesitate to be Success in World of Hereafter


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), continues to encourage his citizens to take part, to work in all lines, in all areas of life. Included in spiritual and material matters. Aher encourages both elements of life to be balanced, and successful.

    "There is never a contradiction between matter and spirit, there is no contradiction between rich and piety, Allah Almighty creates us any of these two elements, our physical, our body is a matter that needs to be taken care of also with material needs, while our spiritual needs to be nourished by faith, worship, good deeds, and so forth, "said Governor Ahmad Heryawan, on the inauguration of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) Majlis Ta'lim Entrepreneur (MTW) of West Java, in West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (21 / 09/2017).

    On that occasion, Governor Ahmad Heryawan inaugurated 21 board of MTW in West Java. Among them are Bandung City, Cirebon City, Tasikmalaya City, Bekasi City, Depok City, Bogor Regency, Bandung Regency, Sumedang Regency, Bekasi Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency, Ciamis Regency, West Bandung Regency, Indramayu Regency, Kuningan Regency, Bogor City, Purwakarta Regency , Subang Regency, West Bandung Regency DPC Lembang, Cimahi City, Garut Regency, Pangandaran Regency.

    Aher also assumes that MTW is a unique organization, and certainly innovative, with the activities of combining majelis taklim and business. So himself as Head of Region welcomes MTW activities.

    Aher also hopes that the inaugurated boards can work as well as possible, and ultimately can build a populist economy with the principle of the Godhead.

    "Currently we are talking about the study as well as the future of the economy.This is the mindset business so as not to hesitate to think about the future of the world and the hereafter," he said.

    Because said Aher, Mindset sometimes become a barrier for someone to achieve progress. Aher insists that Islam never opposes the world and the hereafter, because for life in the hereafter, it is necessary to find the provision in the world.

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