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    Telkom Supports Bandung Wired Free


    BANDUNG-Bandung Government is currently fixing telephone wires across the air to be impressed neat, one of them through the underground network system.
    "We, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) Tbk (Persero) support the plan of Bandung City Government, which is Bandung Free Wired Program," said General Manager (GM) PT Telkom Tbk Telecommunications Region (Witel) Bandung, Teddy Hartadi, in Bandung Thursday (9/21).
    Teddy said, the form of support the program is to lower the air cable and divert it into the land that has been done for a long time.
    In West Java, every retail, among others, the region Tasikmalaya, Cirebon, Karawamg, and Sukabumi, has been mending the network. While Bandung, he added, so far, revamping the network takes place at 2 points, which is the priority location lowered the air cable.
    "Firstly, Naripan, which is the implementation, we together with Bandung City Government and Director General of Information Device Post Resources Informatics Ministry of Communication and Informatics Second, from Riau Road to Pramuka Park and Ir H Djuanda Road," he explained. jo

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