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    Islamic New Year, Repair From Time to Time


    GARUT-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, said the coming of the new year Islam 1 Muharam 1439 Hijriyah, can be interpreted as the event of hijra, or mirror struggle to improve life, accompanied by courage, struggle, and the nature of sacrifice as exemplified by Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah SAW .

    The new year of Islam itself, begins when Prophet Muhammad SAW migrated from Mecca City Almukarromah to Madinatul Munawaroh City, Saudi Arabia. Where, the condition and situation of Mecca at that time was not safe and comfortable again for syiar Islam, then Allah SWT ordered the Prophet Muhammad and his companions to hijarah to Medina from the city of Mecca.

    "Similarly, the Indonesian nation, which started migrating since the proclamation of 1945, with the substance of the hijrah that is renewal, improvement from time to time, starting from self, environment, to state level, it's relevance," said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, at the welcoming ceremony New Year Hijri held Tarbiyah Assembly, in Kampung Bojong Wanamekar Village Wanaraja District, Garut, West Java, Wednesday (20/09/2017).

    Deddy added, that the turn of the year should be able to change in the behavior of a Muslim. With intention, this year should be better than the previous year.

    "Then the turn of the year should bring the meaning of change, that is able to personal movement for a better life and blessed Allah SWT," continued Deddy.

    With the turn of the Islamic New Year, one can abandon habits, or bad behavior. If in the previous year, the level of worship and amaliyah has not been good, then in this new year should be better.

    "This Islamic New Year must have a positive impact in the life of a Muslim, if there is no change, or the same as previous years, then someone can be said to lose money and not be able to interpret the coming of this Islamic New Year," added Deddy

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