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    Aher: 20 Percent of Village Funds for Community Empowerment


    MEDAN - 15 to 20 percent of the total village funding will be proposed for village community empowerment. It aims to enable villagers to access economic progress or to create productive enterprises as a means of alleviating poverty.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) after attending the Provincial Government Association Workshop (APPSI) on Poverty Reduction Strategy in the Region held at Santika Hotel Medan, Wednesday (20/09/2017) revealed, in addition to the need for rural infrastructure development, at the same time villagers should also be advocated directly about economic empowerment and access to economic progress that is currently growing.

    "There is no other word besides advocacy because in developing countries there are people who can not access economic progress," said Aher.

    Increasing economic growth in each region due to the large number of investors entering and increasing the GRDP, the job opportunities will be more wide open. However, it will be accessible only by people who have adequate education.

    "But there are people in the countryside, because the various socio-economic and educational constraints faced ga can not access, well this society really need to be advocated through empowerment," said Aher.

    Therefore, the APPSI board will propose to the central government to budget 15-20 percent of village funds for community empowerment through amendment of Government Regulation (PP).

    "Hopefully get into the change of Government Regulation, well in the new Government Regulation later hopefully next year it has been changed and empowerment enlarged, so it can be 15-20 percent I think it is quite adequate," said Aher.

    If approved, said Aher, then the local government should have prepared support facilities such as mentoring, clear work programs and effectiveness.

    "This is certainly with a readiness, yes, when this proposal is accommodated, there should be a facilitator for technical guidance to village and community apparatus, a very clear work program and shopping effectiveness," he said.

    Since the granting of village funding from the central government to all villages in Indonesia, each village receives Rp 1 billion of aid per year. In West Java province, the fund does not include Rp 100 million from the Provincial Government for village infrastructure and Rp 15 million for additional income for village officials annually.

    Meanwhile, the chairman of APPSI who is also the Governor of South Sulawesi, Syahrul Yasin Limpo, said APPSI is a forum or organization that coordinates thoughts or innovations from all Governors in solving problems and improving progress in each region.

    "APPSI is an institution that coordinates the thoughts of all governors as a second opinion of the formal structure of government, of course through the Minister of Home Affairs, Syahrul said.

    "We hope if there is an opinion that can be used as a balance then of course enrichment will be done by the central government, that's the position of APPSI," he added.

    This year, APPSI will again hold workshop in Palembang and Surabaya before going to National Coordination Meeting which will be held in West Java

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