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    Telkomsel Facilitates Corporate Business Access


    BANDUNG-In an effort to increase the penetration of Business Corporate Solution-services based, Telkomsel through the Regional Account Management Jabotabek West Java area managed to hold Bank Mandiri as a partner to provide convenience access of mobile telecommunication services within the employees and management of Bank Mandiri.

    The cooperation agreement signed by Telkomsel and Bank Mandiri representatives for the initial phase will provide post-paid service package of KartuHALO Telkomsel based on corporate business services for approximately 4100 employees of Bank Mandiri in Jakarta Regional 3 operational area.

    Vice President of Sales and Marketing Area Jabotabek West Java Telkomsel Agus Mulyadi said the provision of complete and affordable corporate services package is also not limited among fellow employees, but also can be utilized by family employees of Bank Mandiri.

    "This service is to support the convenience and comfort of work coordination among employees of Bank Mandiri throughout Indonesia," said Agus in his official statement received in Bandung, Wednesday (20/09/2017)

    Meanwhile, the Regional CEO of Bank Mandiri Bank, Teuku Ali Usman added the utilization of employee access to Bank Mandiri using Telkomsel's corporate-based business solution is also a manifestation of our commitment in continuing strong synergy between SOE companies, where Telkomsel is also part of Telkom Group .

    "We hope, communication access and coordination among employees will also be facilitated by utilizing Telkomsel network that has been reached to remote areas in Indonesia." He explained

    In addition, as a form of acceleration in the adoption of broadband-based services and digital lifestyle, Telkomsel also supports the program presented by Bank Mandiri for its employees in the Regional operational area of ??Jakarta 3 which provides promo price for employees of the purchase of new 4G LTE smartphone, which will be included bundling of Telkomsel's postpaid card that has been equipped with Telkomsel's corporate-based business services package at an affordable price.

    Currently, for the operational area of ??Jabotabek West Java Area, Telkomsel has served more than 1 million corporate customers from more than 8900 companies that have been using Telkomsel's Corporate Business Solution service to support the company's coordination activities. With the support of around 28 thousand BTS, of which 21 thousand BTS of them are already 3G and 4G broadband technology, Telkomsel service has reached more than 90% of the population area of Jabotabek West Java.

    "Telkomsel service coverage spread across the region to Indonesia is also expected to support the presence of corporate-based cellular telecommunication services to support the activities of companies that have representative offices to districts throughout Indonesia, especially Bank Mandiri as one of the state-owned companies that have market penetration is quite broad and evenly "he concluded (MAT)

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