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    Demiz: Vocational School Is Not a Labor Printer


    GARUT-In his visit to SMK Negeri 1 Garut on Wednesday (20/9) in front of hundreds of students, Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) asserted that vocational school should now no longer be the printing of prospective workers.

    "The paradigm has to be changed, vocational school is no longer the printer of a prospective worker, but the printer of a prospective entrepreneur," he said, to the students' applause.

    According to Demiz because vocational school educates special skills, then its graduates should be a manpower ready to open employment.

    "With his/ her skills, vocational school graduates are people who are ready to apply the skills they have for new jobs" said Demiz.

    According to him, it is not wrong if there are still aspiring to be employees, but do not all want to be employees. (Even)

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