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    This is Recommendation of the FKN XI Supreme Meeting to the Government


    CIREBON CITY-President of Indonesia Republic Joko Widodo (Jokowi) accompanied by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) closed the Festival Keraton Nusantara (FKN) XI of 2017 at Taman Air Goa Sunyaragi, By Pass Brigadier Dharsono Street Cirebon City, Monday night (18/9/17). FKN this time resulted in a recommendation of the results of the Supreme Deliberation of the Sultan and the King of the archipelago to the Government.

    Recommendations are read directly by the host of this FKN organizer, namely Sultan Sepuh XIV Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon Pangeran Raja Adipati Arief Natadiningrat in the presence of President Jokowi. There are 7 (seven) points of recommendation of the result of FKN XI's 2014 Supreme Meeting, including:

    1. Empire in Indonesia is determined to maintain the unity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia by preserving and socializing the noble values of Pancasila contained in the Preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945,

    2. Indonesian Culture Unity in Diversity is a gift of God Almighty to be preserved and promoted, it is necessary to increase the cultural budget at least 2% of the state budget and regional budgets,

    3. As cultural resources, the revitalization of preservation and development of the palaces of the archipelago needs to be improved in order to increase participation in the development of national tourism sector which proves to be a source of state income, reduce poverty, and increase economic growth,

    4. Two-thirds of Indonesia is an ocean that has not been utilized optimally for the welfare of the people of Indonesia. Empire in all Indonesia with Government need to improve Maritime culture as national identity of Indonesia which insisted Nusantara,

    5. Indonesia is an agrarian society consisting of fishermen and farmers who need to improve their welfare through agrarian reform with the optimization of Keraton land and sleeping land to achieve food self-sufficiency and national food security,

    6. Sultan and King as cultural leaders and guardians of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia in the region need an active role by entering in the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum,

    7. Festival Keraton Nusantara held first in 1995 in Solo with the Government and the palace of the archipelago should continue and be optimized as it proved to build relationships, maintain diversity, and unity of the intercultural, and can preserve and promote the national culture and tourism of Indonesia.

    "Thus the recommendation of the Supreme Deliberation of the Sultan and the King of the archipelago in the hope of His Excellency the President is pleased to receive and follow up," Arif hopes after reading the recommendation.

    President Jokowi immediately responded to the recommendations of the Sultan and King. In his speech, Jokowi said that his side will take the Sultan and King to the State Palace in Jakarta.

    "Regarding the recommendations given to the Government. My answer is, I will invite the Palace (Negara, Jakarta), so that which recommendations can we run, which we can solve together. We'll talk about it in Istana (Jakarta) only, "said Jokowi.

    Furthermore, according to Jokowi as a center of cultural preservation, Keraton plays an important role to maintain the tradition, the noble values of history and values that exist in the palace. Keraton and Government must cooperate and adjust to the timing of the age to keep the important role of the Palace in the history of this nation.

    "The palace also plays an important role in the struggle of the republic (Indonesia). And this history is still we have to keep together. And to play the role, the palace with the Government should jointly organize themselves, adjust to the times but still hold the steering of the values of tradition and culture, "said Jokowi.

    The cultural heritage of the archipelago can be a capital in facing the challenges of this nation. The wealth of the Indonesian archipelago should be seen as a force for progress. The cultural richness of the palace can be a provision and encouragement against the increasingly fierce global competition today.

    "For that, I hope Festival Keraton Nusantara is not only intended to spread the arena of Tourism area or appreciate the cultural richness of the Palace of the archipelago. But it is also used to strengthen the contribution of archipelago palaces for the progress of the nation and state, "said Jokowi.

    The Festival of Keraton Nusantara XI was held from 15-19 September 2017. There are various activities in FKN this time, that is Kerab Agung Soldier of Keraton, Keraton Art Exhibition, Exhibition of Heritage, Traditional Archery Competition all over Indonesia, Seminar and Exhibition of Ancient Manuscript of Palace, and the Supreme Council of Kings / Sultan of the Archipelago.

    In this closing ceremony, Governor Aher also accompany President Jokowi inaugurated the Heritage Museum Kasepuhan Palace and Portal Keraton Nusantara managed by the National Library of Indonesia

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