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    Ceu Popong: Education Has Applied Cageur, Bageur, Bener and Pinter Philosophy


    BANDUNG-MPR / DPR RI member Popong Otje Djundjunan admitted sadly with the existing education system in Indonesia today which prioritizes the intelligence (cognition) of the characters and ahlak.

    "The education should be applied philosophy of Sunda, Cageur, Bageur, Bener and Pinter. The clever is in the last order. Now clever is preferred, while others lack attention, "she said in Bandung, Tuesday (19/9).

    This condition makes the character of some people get less portion in education, especially in school environment. Should according to Ceu Popong, so familiar called, reinforce good character to be healthy in thinking.

    "Now a lot of smart people, but look at the clever is used for tricking, corruption, because it is not cageur and bageur," she said.

    Education first still teaches PMP, P4, GBHN even history education or PSPB. But all that was removed after the reform. Conditions that seem at this time she thinks because there is no longer a lesson that at school.

    "Now there is a body that takes care of Pancasila, too late, but good. Say nothing late is important now no more, "she said.

    He added that there is a need to add PMP and PSPB lessons as it teaches historical truths to students and society.
    "Also the GBHN must exist, be the direction of development. Who's the driver, what's the car, now there's none. There must be more, "she said. Jo

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