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    Plenary Session, West Java Parliament and Provincial Government Discuss West Java Draft of Regional Budget 2018


    BANDUNG-Year 2018 is the fifth year of implementation of RPJMD West Java Province period 2013-2018. Therefore, the preparation of RAPBD fiscal year 2018 is a very important momentum to carry out the development of West Java.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar explained that the drafting of RAPBD Fiscal Year 2018 is guided by the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No. 33 of 2017 on Guidelines for the preparation of APBD of Fiscal Year 2018 and Memorandum of Understanding between West Java Provincial Government and West Java Parliament about General policy (KU) 2018 and the priority and ceiling of the provisional budget (PPAS) of APBD of Fiscal Year 2018.

    "Development policy 2018 towards human development, enhancement of regional competitiveness, and community independence," he said at the Plenary Session, at the West Java Parliament Building, Diponegoro Street Bandung, Monday (09/18/2017).

    Estimating various aspects, both related to the effort of intensification and extensification of income sources, the estimated regional income in 2018 amounted to Rp 22.215 trillion more, an increase of Rp 945.72 billion more or an increase of 4.45%, compared to the target in the pure regional budget 2017 Rp 21,269 trillion more.

    Also, local revenues are sourced from Locally generated Revenue (PAD), estimated at Rp 17.584 trillion more, an increase of Rp 1.060 trillion or an increase of 6.42% compared to the target in pure regional budget 2017 of Rp 16,524 trillion more.

    Then the balance fund is estimated at Rp 4.599 trillion more, and other legal revenues estimated at Rp 31.118 billion more an increase of Rp 1.428 billion more or an increase of 4.81% compared to the pure regional budget 2017 target of Rp 29.690 billion more.

    Meanwhile, Regional Expenditure for Fiscal Year 2018 is estimated at Rp 24.215 trillion more. Preparation of expenditure is prioritized to support the effective implementation of duties and functions of each Regional Device in accordance with Government Regulation No. 18 of 2016 on Regional Devices.

    "The year 2018 is the political year, namely the implementation of the election of Governor, Vice Governor, and the election of Regent / Mayor for 16 regencies / Cities in West Java simultaneously, the Provincial and Regency / City Government shall provide joint funding support for the implementation of the General Election , "said Deddy.

    "I really hope the budget plan of 2018 budget year can be set in the not too long," he concluded.

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