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    Governor Pushes Export of Roasted Coffee


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan asserted that the next projections of provincial government will encourage export coffee from West Java in the form of roasted coffee. According to him, so far the export of coffee from West Java was green beans merely.

    "By encouraging the export of roasted coffee, it is expected the economic value will increase and profitable,” he said.

    However, the governor hopes, the coffee will be exported if the own consumption of West Java has been fulfilled, so that people will be educated to idolise the West Java coffee.

    "I hope coffee that will be exported was a remains of consumption in West Java itself, because during this time the level of coffee consumption in West Java was quiet low, considering that West Java as a coffee production," he said.

    Aher explained, if it consumed properly and regularly, coffee could be a deterrent potential of dementia in old age.


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