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    BNN Has Not Found PCC Drug Circulation in West Java


    BANDUNG-National Provincial Narcotics Agency (BNNP) West Java is still coordinating with the Center for Drug and Food Control related drug circulation type Paracetamol Caffein Carisoprodol (PCC). West Java BNNP ensures that the drug has been withdrawn from circulation since 2013.

    Head of West Java BNNP, Brigadier General Rusnadi said that his side has not yet received reports on PCC's drug circulation in West Java.

    "Actually, in West Java there is not yet, but we still cooperate with POM Central Office because it's their authority, hopefully withdrawn all because it's not been circulating since 2013," he told reporters in Bandung on Monday (18/9 / 2017)

    Rusnadi suggested to the public not only the type of drug PCC that is prohibited for consumption because it includes hard drugs. But any type of medicine for the healing process of disease, must be in accordance with the dosage.

    "We suggest do not take medication too much, Not only PCC but  also headache drug can be over dose if we drink it too much," said Rusnadi.

    He said, in anticipating the circulation of these hard drugs into the Tatar Pasundan (pasundan land), it will coordinate with the Bandung Central POM, Police, and other related agencies. However, he ensured, a drug that is a sedative, and can cause high hallucinations that, has not circulated in this region.

    "We will coordinate with relevant agencies including the police because our members are also from the police.InshaAllah in West Java safe from PCC drug circulation," said Rusnadi.

    As it is known, the PCC drug caused dozens of people become victims of personality disorder and disorientation in Kendari Central Sulawesi.

    PCC is a hard drug that should not be traded haphazardly or must be licensed by doctors, but in fact the drug is marketed cheaply to students in Kendari, Central Sulawesi. (MAT)

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