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    West Java Democracy Index is On Medium Scale


    BANDUNG - Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Java (West Java) announced if the Indonesia Democracy Index (IDI) 2016 reached 66.82 on a scale of 0 to 100. This number decreased compared to the number of IDI 2015 which amounted to 73.04.

    Achievement of democratic performance in West Java is still in the category of "medium". The classification of democratic levels is grouped into three categories, namely "good" (index> 80), "medium" (index 60 -80), and "bad" (index <60).

    The change of IDI West Java from 2015-2016 is influenced by the first three aspects of democracy; Civil Liberties are down 5.75 points (from 79.10 to 73.37), both Political Rights are down 9.55 points (from 81.89 to 72.34), and the three Democratic Institutions that are down 1, 58 points (from 51.37 to 49.79).

    Head of West Java BPS Doddy Herlando said that the level of IDI achievement is measured based on the implementation and development of three aspects of democracy, namely Civil Liberty, Political Rights and Institution of Democracy.

    IDI counting methodology uses four data sources: local newspaper review, document review (regional regulation, governor regulation, etc.), Focus Group Discussion (FGD), and in-depth interviews. jo

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