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    Palace is A Partner of Government In Build Area


    BANDUNG - Although no longer have official authority in modern government system, but the existence of the Palace can be a partner of local government in carrying out development in their respective regions.

    This was expressed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) after opening the Festival Nusantara XI Palace in Cirebon City, Saturday (16/9).

    "Especially in conveying the message to the people, the palace through its king and sultan is still strongly adhered and obeyed by the people of the region, so the development messages are very effective if delivered by the government assisted by the palace," said Aher.

    In addition, the palace is also a symbol of local wisdom that still must be maintained and preserved its existence as a wealth of local culture.

    "From the side of this tourism can be a unique and unique attraction. We have a diversity that are so rich and very interesting," he said.

    Then in the field of cultural preservation, Aher said, the palace can be a kind of institution guard and keep the local wisdom.

    "Who else can preserve and maintain the culture and local wisdom in which many contain the moral teachings of this nation, besides the palace" Aher concluded.

    Festival Kraton Nusantara XI in Cirebon City filled with various events such as deliberation of kings and sultans, exhibitions of heirlooms, art exhibitions and culture palace. (Even)

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