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    This is the Result of the Citarum Bestari Evaluation Meeting


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government held an evaluation meeting on the implementation of Citarum Bestari movement, in Sanggabuana conference room Gedung Sate Bandung City, Friday (15/09/2017). The meeting was attended by the Regent of West Bandung, Vice Mayor of Bandung, representatives Mayor Cimahi and Regency Bandung and the leaders of West Java FKPD is led directly by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    "The point is more on the coordination and evaluation associated with the Citarum Bestari program and the consolidation of future steps to be undertaken," Governor Aher told reporters after the meeting.

    Aher said, will go to one by one industry adjacent to the flow of the river citarum, to ensure the Wastewater Treatment Industry (IPAL) of each company runs well.

    "Earlier I insisted that parties like the Attorney, Army and Police immediately determine the steps, call one by one industry or go one by one later when caught violate commit to not violate," he said.

    If the industry is still stubborn by disposing of waste directly into the river without going through the WWTP will directly bring the affairs into the realm of law. According to the monitoring, in addition there are industries that have been using his IPAL well, it is still there from those whose IPAL is not used alias just to meet the requirements alone.

    "Well, what happens is that there are industries that have IPAL and have been used properly, there are also industries that have IPAL but not used alias Fake IPAL," he said.

    Aher appealed to all parties such as agri-businesses, households, markets and industries not to dispose of any waste into the citarum river.

    "It's over if it happens. Our orientation is how to solve the waste, if the parties agree and commit to solve the problem of waste, it is finished business. It's just that we evaluate if the movement is less fast, go fast roughly so, "he explained.

    The number of industries along the river citarum along nearly 30 km from the spring on Mount Wayang to Tanjung Kawarang amounted to 608 industries, of which the most is the textile industry which amounted to 468 pieces. Upper citarum watershed in Bandung regency to become the most industrial area of 325, Cimahi 101 and 90 industries in Bandung.

    In addition, the meeting also revealed that since the launch of the Citarum Bestari movement in 2014, currently the waste in the river citarum has decreased significantly. Nearly 70 kilometers long the garbage is no longer in the river Citarum.

    "Now we have reached 70 km of visible garbage, not liquid waste has been greatly reduced, but it must be calculated also left and right of Citarum watershed there are 13 tributaries, it also becomes part of the program," said Aher.

    Aher said, the plan, environmentally cultivated village or Ecovillage in the Citarum watershed area will be reproduced.

    "In the field we have already formed Ecovillage or environmentally cultured village crossed by the river citarum and we agree ecovillage will be reproduced," he said.

    Ecovillage is a group of people in every village who are environmentally conscious, they are trained and educated to maintain the environment, especially the cleanliness of the citarum river. Their duties do the work of cleaning the river from the waste and socialize to the community not to throw any garbage into the river citarum.

    "Actually it's just a matter of behavior only," Aher concluded.

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