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    Livi Zheng Became a Diplomat Resource Person at KAA Museum


    BANDUNG-Livi Zheng was invited in an event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Asia Africa Museum, Bandung as a speaker in front of diplomatic and consular officials to be sent abroad.

    The topic of discussion is Film As Asset Diplomacy, how a film can play an important role in introducing the culture and enriching the insight of a country in the international world and strengthen diplomatic relations between countries.
    Livi Zheng hopes that in the meeting diplomats and consular will be able to promote Indonesia through film to the people in the country where diplomatic and consular diplomats are placed.

    "We educate them on how to make a good story and how to make a good movie," Livi told www.Jabarprov.go.id at the Museum of KAA on Thursday (14/09).

    Livi has worked on several films, both widescreen movies and short films. Livi, Diaspora Indonesia works in Hollywood who never forget the homeland because he always include elements of culture and natural beauty of Indonesia in the films.

    Starting from Brush with Danger, the film that entered the selection of Oscar nominated nominations that are distributed internationally and already aired in American theaters, in the film dozens of collections of paintings from Indonesia and the gamelan in the composition of music into it. While in the latest movie screen Insight, Livi enters martial arts in her action choreography.
    Recently the director of the Diaspora Creative Award in 2015, completed two short film projects in Sukabumi which will be launched this October 28, 2018. In the film Livi took pictures of fire whip and fireball scenes combined with martial arts and also wicker-woven crafts. (Parno)

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