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    Motor Community Born International Athletes


    BANDUNG-XTC motor community which was often considered negative by some people of Bandung, now has a myriad of accomplished athletes at the national and international levels.

    Some motorcycle community members who have membership in all of Indonesia that among them
    achieving on a world level that is Yogi Triansyah Abidin who won a gold medal in the field of Muathai sport in the tournament Muathai Fight Tournament in Zealot. In addition, Triman Yudistira who also get a gold medal in the Tae Kwon-do branch in ITN Tournament Open 2017.

    Not only gold, silver medal achieved by Indra Muharik and R Angga Nuggraha in Muathai Fight Tournament event in Zealot.

    Chairman of the youth and sports coach XTC Bandung M Farhan said the achievements of athletes and XTC members indicate the existence of a lesson of life.

    "There is no success without desire and hard work. In addition to the government of course the role of the community is considered very important in giving appreciation to achievers," said Farhan after giving awards to athletes XTC achievers in Bandung, Friday (15/09/2017)

    Farhan hopes, with the appreciation given to the members of XTC can provide the spirit and motivation and inspire other youth in Bandung to excel.

    According to him, changes that occur in XTC is a positive thing. With these changes XTC still respected many groups because of the myriad of achievements.

    "We have to change, because if we do not, we will be exhausted by the times." With this change, XTC has demonstrated a number of achievements from national to international level, "Farhan said.

    Meanwhile, Chairman XTC Bandung Dicky Beje said, it does not only move in the field of automotive in searching for superior seeds. However, continue to explore the potential capabilities of members who have kills including sports.

    Dicky said, XTC members at this time have shown achievements that the name of Indonesia and Bandung. It will continue to look for seeds that have the potential for achievement at both national and international levels.

    "We are optimistic that a sustainable coaching program will create good performing members nationally and internationally," he concluded. (MAT)

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