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    West Java is Ready to Develop Sharia Economics


    BANDUNG-West Java population which reached 46.5 million with the majority of Muslims become capital for West Java to become a province that is able to develop sharia economy in Indonesia.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar states, with the capital of the population and the number of Islamic Boarding School scattered in several cities and regencies, West Java has been ready in developing sharia economy.

    "Through this Shariah Economic Festival (Fesyar) event, West Java is expected to become the basis of acceleration of sharia-based economy in Java and Indonesia," said Vice Governor in the closing of Fesyar 2017 Regional Java at Balai Asri Islamic Center, West Java, Friday (15/09).

    Vice Governor hopes, Fesyar 2017 can be useful and understood by society to sharia economics and finance so that will grow and develop industry that move in syariah economics.

    "We hope Java in particular West Java to shaft the economy of sharia in Indonesia and we must create synergy work together all stackholder," he said. (Parno)

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